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company overview

Centrafuse is a software company that provides a software development framework for emerging, “non-traditional” computing devices; that is, devices designed for environments in which a mouse and keyboard are no longer desirable. Our vision is to make PCs relevant in environments previously considered impractical.
The Centrafuse Application Integration Framework provides software engineers, user interface designers and device manufactures with a development toolkit that enables the development, integration and control of separate applications via one common, touch-friendly, voice-controlled user interface.
Device manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers who have evaluated and used the Centrafuse toolkit have reported that they have experienced 50% to 90% reduction in deployment time utilizing the Centrafuse tools as compared to legacy UI and application integration tools.
Infotainment and other emerging computing environments are underserved by traditional design and user experience methodologies. These underserved environments rely on voice recognition, touch input and remote control/button input. Further, this user environment requires a tight integration of multiple applications and content, traditionally delivered either through multiple single-purpose embedded devices (navigation PNDs, MP3 players, phones) or in a crudely constructed windowing system.
Centrafuse has applied its concept of Intelligent Convergence to enable rapid deployment and ease of use for the next generation of these devices. This collapses both time-to-market for device manufactures (revenue increase) and increased end-user adoption of these new products (market increase).
Centrafuse is headquatered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Customers Include

Ford Motor Company Intel McLaren Automotive Turner Visteon Paccar Brunswick County Emergency Services Clarksville Fire Department Finnish Self Defence Forces San Bernardino County Sheriff Southern Power Company Hunter Water BDK Informatik AG Peach Tree Fire And Rescue North Carolina Department of Transportation University of New England City of Greater Geelong Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council City of HoldFast Bay Mississippi Department of Transportation Royal Haskoning DHV TasWater Société de protection des forêts contre le feu University of Texas El Paso